Saturday, December 20, 2008

Switchfoot Has released two Rhapsody-exclusive Singles

This past Tuesday, Switchfoot released two exclusive singles for download on Rhapsody's music store through lowercase people records/Credential. There's the previously reported "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" but there's also a brand new acoustic version of "This Is Home" that the band recorded. Both are remade, rejiggerred takes on some Switchfoot favorites.

"Another Christmas (Old Borego)"

I didn't expect anything more than a re-release of the old KROQ version from back in 2004 but was pleasantly surprised. The mix has been updated, with a tiny bit of smoothening of the vocals. The instrumentation is a little more tinkly in feel, and the clapping persists throughout the song. The instrumental embellishments have increased, but tastefully so, preserving the simplicity of the song. Having said this, I still enjoy the original version better, but consider this Single Version worth purchasing.

Rating: 3.5/5


"This Is Home (Acoustic)"

Pretty much as advertised.Jon Foreman's vocals are held back for most of the song, making this acoustic cut feel like it would fit in Jon's solo EP's. It's pretty similar in arrangement to the radio mix, but different in the insyruments some of the bandmembers use. Jerome uses a synth/keyboard sound, Drew uses a clean elextric, Chad soubds like he's using brushes for the druns. The result is a respectable, solid take on our favorite movie song.

Rating: 3/5



Here's a new news story/interview with bassist Tim Foreman. He talks about playing Switchfoot's big hits, as well as how the new record is coming along!

At some point in time, popular bands must get tired of playing the same old songs.

For Snow Patrol, "Chasing Cars" has to be getting old.

The Fray probably wants its fans to get off the "Cable Car" song.

And Panic at the Disco likely wants to see "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" buried somewhere out in the Nevada desert.

But for Switchfoot, the hits provide a meaningful backbone.

"We love to play our hit songs wherever we go, because they actually mean something to us," said bassist Tim Foreman in a recent phone interview.

"We're so honored to be playing these songs for you guys."


"'Freedom' is really the word here," said Foreman. "There's this new freedom on so many different levels, from artistic to marketing, and we've been able to release several songs. There are no rules."

Switchfoot is partnering its own Lowercase People Records with ATO Records for the release of the band's next album, set to hit shelves in spring 2009.

"We've been working on the new album in pieces in our own studio," said Foreman. "We've got three albums worth of new material, and we're still looking to piece together the common DNA. Eventually we'll get it down to the standard 12 or so songs." FULL STORY


Here's a review of "The Best Yet"

Listeners will really enjoy listening to the different approaches Switchfoot takes with its music. One thing Switchfoot does well with this release is evoke strong emotion in their listeners, and the instrumental melodic diversity is a key part of this.

"This Is Home" is a soft, piano-enthused album cut that may be the best song offered in this collection. A steady rock version was produced from the original cut, made for a Disney production. "This Is Home" is one of the best singles I have personally heard in a while.

Full Review here

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