Friday, December 5, 2008

Video Tribute to Our Troops Set Switchfoot's "This Is Home"

This is a great video montage to Switchfoot's song, "This Is Home." I don't know what your views on our current war are, but regardless, I think we should all stand by our troops, who are real men and true heroes. Here's to you our fighting men! We salute you, stand by you, and hope you finally find your way home... where you belong...


Oh, by the way, the Daily Foot has been updated for the new tour!

Check out what the new guy, Bobby has to say about the new tour and the journey en route to the 3 Doors Down tour en route: san diego to birmingham


Emily Makar said...

loved the video montage

new daily footer should be interesting!

Job said...

I know! I was tearing up towards the end of it... amazing.

And yeah, should be interesting to see a different voice... but I will miss the Barron for sure! =)