Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Switchfoot's new "This Is Home" Video Contest; song features on Brothers and Sisters clip

I'm sure Switchfoot's "This Is Home" has impacted us in many ways. Now, the band is giving us a chance to show how important the song is to us in this new contest. As you all know, Switchfoot posted a new music video for "This Is Home" and started a group that we talked about awhile back. They also mention the "This Is Home" music video with the Troops montage that was featured here a few days ago.

Here's the official announcement on the band's Sony-run Youtube page:

Thank you for all the great comments so far on the new video for "This is Home". When we wrote the song, we had always hoped that it would touch people in some way, and it seems that it has. One such person created their own version of the video and uploaded it to our group (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVZEH3etN10). It really touched us, so much so that we hope it might inspire some of you to do the same. We want to see what "This Is Home" means to you. With the Holiday's coming up, it seemed very appropriate. So create your own version, and upload to our This Is Home group channel. From all the entries, we'll pick our three favorite, and those people will win signed "This is Home" lyrics plus autographed copies of The Best Yet CD. Be sure to get them in soon, the contest will end January 3, and we'll pick the winners during that first week of January

Go To: http://www.youtube.com/group/thisishome

Now, here's some press that has come along with the launch of the contest:


Make sure you get those entries in soon!


Speaking of "This Is Home," some people have reported that the song is being used in ads and commercial tv spots for the upcoming new season of the show "Brothers and Sisters." Someone uploaded it, and you can see/hear it here: (it's kinda hard to hear it, but if you listen closely, it'll be there)

I think Sony is somehow behind this... just a thought...


There's also a mention in Billboard.com's latest Billboard Bits article about the Invisible Children benefit show in Los Angeles that Jon Foreman from Switchfoot is slated to play at:

Members of Thrice (Dustin Kensrue), Switchfoot (Jon Foreman), Saves The Day (Chris Conley) and Sparta (Jim Ward) will perform acoustic sets Dec. 19 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles to help raise awareness for Invisible Children, a nonprofit group that provides education and economic relief to northern Uganda.

"Whenever they call or have a big event happening, I'm always really excited to support when I can," says Foreman, who is recording a new Switchfoot album in San Diego. "If music can come alongside what they're doing, it's an honor."

Go here for details!


In other Switchfoot Social Justice involvement news, the new Call + Response soundtrack album is now up on iTunes. Switchfoot's live performance of "Awakening" shows up on there! Check it out now!


Indievision Music posted a review of "The Best Yet." Read what they say here:

Switchfoot is a band that has always stood out among its peers. During the early days of alternative, post-grunge rock, Switchfoot’s music was among the best in the CCM market. Maybe still a little too crunchy for mom, their albums were progressive and drove Christian rock into new arenas. After the crossover success and mainstream appeal on a major label, Switchfoot was still just as creative and still pushing modern rock to think outside of its stale old box. Their latest release, The Best Yet, spans all of these years, picking up hits from each album along the way. This is the perfect collection for someone such as myself, who has always appreciated Switchfoot but never quite loved them enough to purchase a record. It has all of the favorites, as well as some fun surprises, like “This Is Home,” a song you may remember from the end of the movie Prince Caspian. Die-hard fans will surely have this material already and may complain about the song selection basically just being a collection of all the hit singles, but it’s a good album nonetheless, and I fully expect to see The Best Yet in the top five best selling albums at my local Christian bookstore this Christmas season.



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