Monday, December 1, 2008

Featured Video: Switchfoot - Old Borego

Hey everyone! This is a music video(ish) thing that I made for the Switchfoot Christmas song, "Old Borego." I took clips from the various different Switchfoot DVD's out there and brought them together, to maybe make a Holiday cheer video.

It's a great song too... a little strange, but I like it and it fits the mood. Enjoy, and please please comment and rate it! I'd appreciate that a lot! Thanks!



serendipitysal said...

You've done an excellent job editing this video! In fact one of the best I've seen. Glad I went in search of this song!

Anonymous said...

loved it! first time ive heard the song!


Job said...

@serendipitysal, thanks! That's a huge huge compliment... I really appreciate it. :)

@Chris, thanks! Glad you like it!