Friday, December 12, 2008

Switchfoot to release "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" Single?

Our friend Chris found out more about the new "Another Christmas (Old Borego)" song/album thing on Rhapsody


It says that the record label releasing it is indeed lowercase people records. Manufactured and Marketed by Credential Recordings! It's apparently set for a December 16, 2008 release date... a little late for the Holiday shopping time, but not too late.

We'll see if this emerges on iTunes. It looks like Switchfoot's got something good planned and that something might be happening here. We'll keep you posted.


Here's a video of the new performance of "Awakening" that Switchfoot did for Call+Response.

Gotta love the nonchalant throwage of the guitar by Jon Foreman there... haha.


More Fiction Family press/buzz!



Oh, even more Daily Foot entries! This thing is becoming daily for real! Go Bobby!

Here are some things I found lying around
Cincinnati, Ohio

That's it for today so far. Have a great one!

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