Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alternative Press reviews "Hello Hurricane" and publishes a Jon Foreman op-ed article!; new tour dates; hi-q pictures

Alternative Press Magazine is making their December 2009 issue rather Switchfoot-heavy. Thanks to the official Switchfoot myspace blog and Facebook, here are caps of the review of "Hello Hurricane" and a Jon Foreman op-ed article:

^A 3.5/5 review is pretty solid.


To those who were disappointed when the initial "Hello Hurricane" tour dates were made available, there is really great news for you. Switchfoot have added a string of dates in December!

12.03.09 Charlotte, NC
Amos' Southend

12.05.09 Richmond, VA
WDYL Snowball @ The National

12.07.09 Baltimore, MD
Rams Head Live

12.08.09 New York, NY
The Fillmore Irving Plaza

12.09.09 Boston, MA
Paradise Rock Club

^Yeah! Anyone stoked because the "Hello Hurricane" tour is finally making a stop at a venue near you?


Speaking of tour, the band has been hard at work rehearsing to play their entire new album through. Here are tweets and corresponding pictures from those times.

- Rehearsals for the upcoming tour went well today! got to surf a few fun ones this morning with tim beforehand... jon

- Rehearsing hard down here... So hard that romey's starting to break things- yikes! -Jon

- Rehearsals. So fun to play these new tunes!! -tf

^Drew Shirley's got a mic. Wait, Drew's got a mic?? WHAT?? That's awesome.


Australian friends! "Hello Hurricane" is releasing November 6, in your country according to Enjoy the early release date friends!


I just got an email from management informing us that the music video for "Mess of Me" is rolling out soon!


Here's a review of "Nothing Is Sound," from, the fifth in their series of Switchfoot album reviews before the release of "Hello Hurricane."

Overall: Switchfoot have reinforced my thinking that they are one of the best bands of the decade and aren’t content with staying put musically. I can count on them to put out a fresh product with new tweaks to their sound, always pushing it to another level. There’s that saying, ‘Don’t always judge a book by it’s cover’, which rings true with music sometimes but instead it’s, ‘Don’t judge an album by your initial impressions’. When music has depth, it takes awhile to realize it. Once I did I found that Nothing Is Sound is not only one of their best albums, but one of the best this decade. Lay aside what you think you know about this band and listen with an open mind. This isn’t an album full of singles so much as a complete work of art that can’t be cut up into bits and pieces. It needs to be experienced as a whole.

Read the entire review here


Whoo! This is a long update, huh? Here's a video previewing an interview with Jon Foreman, as well as an acoustic performance of "Mess of Me" on the beach!

Project Rhythm Seed UNDERGROUND - Jon Foreman (Teaser)


I'm such a sucker for hi-quality pictures and photos, so when LOBH posted these shots up, I was drooling... (proverbially speaking of course).


Charts News

"Mess of Me" held steady today at No. 39 on the Alternative charts.



Excercise those fingers, and keep voting for Switchfoot! We need to keep this ball rolling.

- Go vote for "Mess of Me" on RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted here. It is currently at 47.2%, significantly higher than yesterday. Great work! But we can't let that momentum slide. Make sure you vote every day.

- KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in the country. When they add a song, several other stations across the country take notice and follow suit. We need to get "Mess of Me" on there, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it! Keep it up friends! Don't slow down, WE NEED THIS. I REPEAT. WE NEED THIS.


Go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!

We'll post more voting opportunities as they come up, so keep checking back every day.

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