Thursday, October 15, 2009

Switchfoot announces December dates for "Hello Hurricane" on Ustream Webcast

It was a shorter webcast this time around, but the Switchfoot boys still entertained, answering questions from their fans and playing an acoustic tune. Among the two main highlights from last night's session were:

1. New "Hello Hurricane" tour dates for December - these new shows will appear shortly on

2. an acoustic performance of "Always," featuring Jerome Fontamillas playing a mini-piano and Tim Foreman playing a stand-up bass. It was solid.

For those who missed it, we're hoping that there will be a recording of it eventually. Until then, rest assured that you didn't miss too too much, and that more news is coming soon.


Promisetangemanblog just posted an interview with Switchfoot photographer Andy Barron. Generally, we know very little about Andy outside of his work with Switchfoot. This interview definitely sheds some light on the other part of the Barron. Check it out.

1. Who are you? What do you do? Where have we seen your work?

I am photographer/graphic designer working out of Los Angeles. My photos have been featured in USA Today, Paste, Relevant Magazine, Pollstar (cover), The Printed Blog,, and My clients have included Atlantic Records, ATO Records, SONY/BMG Records, Disney/Hollywood Records, EMI/Credential Recordings, Azoff Music Management, Tooth and Nail Records, and To Write Love On Her Arms. I can usually be found at Amoeba Records or the taco truck on Alvarado just north of Sunset.

with switchfoot too i recently started to help with some of the website and mailing list stuff and just general art direction and visual communications for the band. oh ya, i also just found out a shot of mine is going to be the cover of the next relevant. oh, and another one is in the new rolling stone. what can i say, it’s been a good week

13. What is next for you? what is your dream job or photoshoot? any goals to share?

well, i just finished all the artwork and video stuff for the new switchfoot record ‘hello hurricane’. there’s a standard version, a cd/dvd digipak, a vinyl version, and an 84 pg collectors edition that consists of a hardbound book, cd/dvd, a poster, and a cd full of goodies from the making of this record. it’s quite the package, and i’m pretty proud of it. so yeah, that said, next is taking a little break, which i am in right now. it’s pretty nice. i just moved to pasadena, so i’m enjoying it.

i feel weird saying this, but i think i kind of have my dream job. i obviously would love to grow and expand as an artist and a designer and a businessman, but i honestly love what i am doing right now and hope that i can reach a point with it where doing this is enough to sustain me and down the line, eventually a family.

Read the entire interview HERE.


Here's a news feature about Karl Denson's new record, which featured Jon Foreman's songwriting.

Along with KDTU guitarist Brian Jordan and keyboardist David Veith, “Brother’s Keeper” features Meshell Ndegeocello on bass, as well as vocal and songwriting contributions from Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman: “We’ve been having a good time becoming writing partners. It’s nice,” Denson said.

“We’ve been getting together for the past couple year, just off and on,” added Denson, who “hung out” this year at Switchfoot’s Bro-Am charity event. “This was a nice opportunity for us to kind of finish some stuff. He had that ‘Drums of War’ song that I heard and immediately fell in love with. And then ‘Shake It Out,’ I took it to him to help me with the lyrics. And it ended up that I didn’t use his lyrics, but I used some of his vocaleses; the way he would interpret the melody helped me out.

“And then the other song, ‘Mighty Rebel,’ we really co-wrote that in an afternoon. I had the first line: “The mighty rebel comes, thinking about his own survival.” It was the only line I had, so we sat there and fleshed the whole thing out.”

Read more here.


And now, for the Charts News for "Mess of Me," including adds.


"Mess of Me" is still sitting at No. 45 on the Alternative charts.


Adds for the week of October 13, 2009:


7 more stations added the song, making "Mess of Me" the second most added this week!

Format: ACTIVE

3 more adds


"Mess of Me" Chart News for October 14, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


S021 [Sirius Satellite Radio] 17 (-1)
WBRU [Providence] 15 (-1)
KBZT [San Diego] 13 (+1)
XTRA [San Diego] 12 (o)
WZNE [Rochester] 12 (o)
WWCD [Grove City] 11 (+1)
WEND [Charlotte] 10 (+1)
KFMA [Tucson] 8 (-2)
WEQX [Albany, NY] 7 (o)
WGRD [New York] 7 (o)
WRFF [Philadelphia]
WVIC [Lansing]
CIMX [Detroit]
WLUM [Milwaukee]
WNNX [Atlanta]
KYSR [Los Angeles]
WBSX [Hazleton]
KCXX [Riverside]
KMYZ [Tulsa]


WYBB [Charleston] 9 (-1)
WXQR 8 (o)
WRXW [Jackson] 8 (o)
WBUZ [Nashville] 7 (o)
WLZX [Springfield] 7 (o)
KZZQ [Salt Lake City]
WQXA [Harrisburg]
WIYY [Baltimore]
WIIL [Chicago]
KFRQ [McAllen]


WRXP 8 (-1)



Excercise those fingers, and keep voting for Switchfoot! We need to keep this ball rolling.

- Go vote for "Mess of Me" on RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted here. It is currently at 36.9%,, and we're losing ground fast. But we can't let that momentum slide. Make sure you vote every day!

- KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in the country. When they add a song, several other stations across the country take notice and follow suit. We need to get "Mess of Me" on there, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it! Keep it up friends! Keep requesting every chance you get. This is crucial.


Go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!

We'll post more voting opportunities as they come up, so keep checking back every day.

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