Saturday, October 3, 2009

Switchfoot on CCM Magazine; Saturday "Mess of Me" Charts Update!

Switchfoot was featured on CCM Magazine's October, November, December 2009 issue. To access the online magazine, click here.

Here's a screen cap of the text, if this is easier for ya.

Some highlight text:

"Switchfoot has experienced an array of personal "hurricanes" over the past few years, but the band's not about to admit defeat. The hardworking members have seen it all out on the road, learned a lot from mistakes they've made, and are incredibly grateful to emerge with their band, faith, and marriages intact."

"During those dark years, Foreman found hope when he looked at life through a large lens, so he knew he wanted Hello Hurricane to unfold a bigger picture. "I wanted you to be able to feel the horizon in these songs, musically and lyrical," he says.


To Write Love On Her Arms posted a youtube video recapping their experience at RevGen. There is a ton of awesome Jon Foreman/Switchfoot footage in there too. Check it out:


Now for some Charts News, some portions courtesy of Red Light Management.

"Mess of Me" spins for October 2, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


WBRU 19 (+2)
S021 13 ( o)
WEQX 11 (-1)
KBZT 10 (o)
XTRA 8 (+1)
KFMA 8 (+8)
WNNX (o)
KYSR (o)
WEND (o)
WLUM (o)


KZZQ 14 (+1)
WYBB 10 (-1)
WRXW 9 (o)
WQXA 7 (+1)
WIIL (o)



Don't forget to:

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- KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in the country. When they add a song, several other stations across the country take notice and follow suit. We need to get "Mess of Me" on there, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it!

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