Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jon Foreman writes an essay for the Huffington Post; "Hello Hurricane" full previews

Jon Foreman tweeted yesterday about this new essay he wrote for the Huffington Post, shedding some humorous light on things.

- I normally write songs, so writing an essay of sorts was trickier than I would have thought- brought me back to schooool!


- Here's a short essay called "Goodness Precedes Greatness" on The Huffington Post - -check it

So, without further ado, here is an excerpt from his brilliantly written essay.

I write songs for a living, which is to say that writing songs helps me to live. The song becomes a place where melody and tempo can cover some truly volatile topics. God, women, politics, sex, hatred, disillusionment- a song or a story can be a deeper vessel and more forgiving than most conversations. Poetry can get under the skin without your permission, and music can offer perspective or hope that might have been hidden before. And so the song becomes a vehicle to cover some serious ground.

These days I have a hard time writing a song that feels bright or hopeful. The unemployment rate is edging up even further and spending is down. Foreclosures are way up and stocks are down. Our headlines are full of war, natural disaster, and corruption. So I go looking for songs of hope and stories that remind me of the incredible privilege of living another day. I suppose I'm looking for a hero of sorts. Someone who rises above the situation and does something incredible.

Read the rest of the essay here


For those who have been asking questions about the new pre-order of "Hello Hurricane" on iTunes, here's a quick FAQ of sorts.

Q. "The Sound" music video? Does that mean it's going to be the second single?

A. Well, as far as we know, that isn't going to be a music video, but rather one of those Live at Spot X in-studio performance videos. As such, this will not be an official indication that "The Sound" will be the second single – yet.

Q. Will these extras show up on the Collector's Edition that I've already pre-ordered?

A. No. Management says that the acoustic versions of "Mess of Me" and "Always," as well as the song "Stitches," are exclusive to iTunes only. As far as whether or not that will all still be there when pre-sales end, we will have to see. I'd say the safest bet is to grab it as soon as you can.

Q. So "Stitches" is from the "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores EP?"

A. That is correct, my friends. :)

(Hope that helps, P.S.)


Thanks to LOBH, we have a screen capture of the Rolling Stone blurb:

^exciting huh?


Speaking of screen caps, Catherine! from the official message boards posted a picture of another Switchfoot blurb in STAR magazine. I found the review they gave "Hello Hurricane" rather humorous.


Again, thanks to LOBH, here's your chance to finally preview every single song from the new album!

Go check out the Purashop store to listen in!


"Mess of Me" has jumped up two spots on the Alternative charts, parking at No. 43 this weekend! keep up the requesting and calling. It's definitely making a difference!

"Mess of Me" Chart News breakdown for October 16, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


S021 [Sirius Satellite Radio] 18 (o)
WBRU [Providence] 17 (+3)
XTRA [San Diego] 14 (+1)
WWCD [Grove City] 12 (+1)
WZNE [Rochester] 12 (-1)
KBZT [San Diego] 12 (o)
WEND [Charlotte] 11 (+1)
KFMA [Tucson] 9 (o)
WRRV [Newburgh] 9 (+9)
WEQX [Albany, NY] 7 (o)
KEDJ [Phoenix] 6 (-1)
WJSE [Atlantic City]
WGRD [New York]
WRFF [Philadelphia]
WVIC [Lansing]
CIMX [Detroit]
WLUM [Milwaukee]
WNNX [Atlanta]
KYSR [Los Angeles]
WBSX [Hazleton]
KCXX [Riverside]
KMYZ [Tulsa]
KXRK [Provo]
WARQ [Columbia]
KNDD [Seattle]
WTZR [Elizabethton]
WROX [Hampton Roads]


WYBB [Charleston] 10 (+1)
WBSX [Wilkes-Barre] 8 (+8)
WRXW [Jackson] 8 (o)
WXQR 7 (o)
WBUZ [Nashville] 7 (o)
WLZX [Springfield] 7 (o)
WQXA [Harrisburg] 7 (o)
KZZQ [Salt Lake City]
WIYY [Baltimore]
WIIL [Chicago]
KFRQ [McAllen]
WRIF [Detroit]


WRXP [New York] 8 (o)



Again, keep those those swift voting fingers fresh, because we need to stay strong voting for Switchfoot! We need to keep this ball rolling!

- Go vote for "Mess of Me" on RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted here. It is currently at 38.2%, still the majority of the votes, but again we can't let that momentum slide. Make sure you vote every day!

- KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in the country. When they add a song, several other stations across the country take notice and follow suit. We need to get "Mess of Me" on there, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it! Keep it up friends! Don't slow down, WE NEED THIS.


Go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with! It really does work, trust me. I tried yesterday afternoon, and 91x played it shortly after I called in! Punish the phones, but keep it respectful folks –– don't overdo it!

We'll post more voting opportunities as they come up, so keep checking back every day.


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the STAR review was brilliant.

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I have Switchfoot on one of my google alerts in one of the alerts there's a new review by disarray magazine. It's a very good review.

The link:

I thought you'd want to know :)

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I like how you were up front and pretty honest and interesting how you wrote your cover letter. See ya soon.

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Of course, KROQ (Los Angeles) is one of the most influential rock stations in our country. When they add a song, several other stations across the country take notice and follow suit. Our can be of use!