Monday, October 5, 2009

FootColumn: Fiction Family is worthy

by Bleah

Back in '07, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and his long time friend in the music business, Sean Watkins of Nickle Creek joined forces and decided they would go out on a limb. They had three things in common: the love of singing, writing music, and a great love for coffee. So off and on they would meet in between tours and write and record music. A year and a half later Family Fiction was born. January 20, 2009 a twelve-track hit was released by ATO records starring our very own Jon and Sean. They took turns with lead vocals and created an amazing collaboration of songs. A twist of bluegrass/modern rock/mainstream kinda feel. Everything from a 60's era vibe in one song to a "marching band coda" in another. "We figured it'd never come out" says Jon, but they were wrong. Family Fiction is loved and accepted by Switchfoot and Nickle Creek fans alike.

This is one CD worthy to be placed right next to my Switchfoot albums. I find this to be an interesting sound with a whole rang of songs and lyrics. Its almost a mix of The Fray, and yet you still feel the love and passion of Switchfoot, with the vibes of Relient K and Hawk Nelson. I mean I know that sounds insane, but its there, I'm tellin' you. And I've found at least three songs on this Album completely repeat worthy. So if you have yet to hear this masterpiece, then taste and see my friend. I promise it won't let you down.

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