Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BREAKING: Jennifer Love Hewitt to direct next Switchfoot music video?


First, there's her work on CBS' "Ghost Whisperer," in which she stars as the central character, exec produces and on occasion directs. Then there's the 10-issue comicbook anthology, "Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box," which was released in November, and her first book, "The Day I Shot Cupid," due this month from Hyperion. And now she's preparing to direct a music video for the band Switchfoot.

^Can't say I'm not surprised. Wow. (thanks to Kit-Cath for the tip)

Perhaps this tweet from a few months ago has something to do with this?

I'm on set at The Tonight Show and ran into Jennifer love Hew... on Twitpic

Either way, one of the weirdest pieces of Switchfoot news since the time they had dinner with Meatloaf, Rob Cavallo, and Aly and Aj.

What are your thoughts??


Kathy said...

Well I should state that I'm excited for the new video! I wonder what song. .

Second, I really don't think Jennifer is a good actress so I'm hoping her directing is better than her acting. .sorry to put that out there.

Anonymous said...

new music video- i'm in!

Job said...

Kathy, I hope it's good. Sounds like a very very odd pairing, but it'll probably be good, if the guys trust her with the video concept.

Dan said...

I'm very interested to find out what song they will use. I wonder if Hewitt will be in the video.

Job said...

Color me intrigued as well. I've got a really really strong feeling it will be Your Love Is a Song, but am hoping for Needle.

rae said...

haha, that is so funny, Job, cause when i found out about this, Your Love Is A Song is the first thing i thought too :)