Monday, March 8, 2010

New song: "Until You Lose One"; "Mess of Me" in a Japan commercial

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Kind of old news, but this is from LOBH:

BIG NEWS: Our friend KitCat just twittered us to let us know that "yesterday, Switchfoot played a new song (from Vice Verses) called "Until You Lose One" at soundcheck"!

^Yeah, if anyone ever got that, send it to us or something!


Here's a video from the Strawberry Festival. The "Love is the Movement" intro leading into "Meant to Live" is displayed in full effect here:


And, check out this interesting commercial featuring "Mess of Me."

^What a weird, weird place to hear the song, but oh well. It's good to see the song being pushed even in Japan.


Now, on to States-side promotion. Thanks to your efforts on the latest Footsoldiers mission, "Mess of Me" has gotten as high as No. 2 on the alternative surveys!

^If you haven't yet, sign up and fill out the survey! Let's get it to No. 1. Radio executives will notice.


Don't forget to also continue to vote for "Mess of Me" on FUSE. We find out tomorrow how the video does on Viewer's Choice! Let's get some final votes in. VOTE NOW.

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