Friday, March 26, 2010

BREAKING: New Switchfoot single is "The Sound (John M Perkins Blues)"!

Enough said!

Impacting in late April; Spread the word!! (thanks Red Light Management)

Oh, and thoughts?

Oh, and there's a new Switchfoot TV Episode as well:


Dot said...

Not gonna lie, this is NOT what I wanted them to pick. It's on of my least favourite songs on the album, and I think they really needed to pick a song that was very different to Mess of Me.

Needle or Hello Hurricane would've been better choices, but I guess I trust the guys to make the right decisions with their music.

Best of luck to The Sound. :)

Joy* said...

hey guys I work at a latin music site, I'm going to be promoting The Sound here:;GCEr6z9eyWI

Dot said...

*one of

Joy* said...

I forgot... should we make a hasthag on twitter? i.e. #thesound? I like the song very much btw

Job said...

@dot, hey not my first choice either. But we'll promote it like crazy anyways. :)

@Joy sweet! Let's work on the twitter thing closer to release date.

O4 said...

While maybe not their best song HH, I think they made right call here. The Sound has already got a lot air play despite not being a radio single from stuff like the Verizon ad. It has catchy sound too it and should rise on quickly on the charts. Maybe following this we see something else.

Dot said...

I like what you said, Job, about them not wanting it to be a Top 40 hit. It makes sense now. :)

Job said...

@O4, i agree. I feel like there's been some exposure to the song, and radio will further take it to the general market. Hopefully, it picks right up where Mess of Me left off and really take off in a way Mess never did.

@Dot, yeah. I trust the guys. :) I wonder what you mates in Australia are getting.

Anonymous said...

hmmm I'm really not upset at all. I did vote for "Your love is a song" and "Needle" would have been a great choice too, but that was mostly for variety's sake. And I really love The Sound. Plus, if you look at it in the big picture, we HAVE had a softer single:

Mess of Me
The Sound

Can you see how that works out? Fast song, slow song, fast song, and possibly Needle/Song/ or HH

Anyways, here's hoping that people will here The Sound of their radios playing this song. *cough* sorry for the bad pun. But I'm psyched! :D should we start playing on yet? (well, nevermind. I just remembered I can't. Something about living outside of the US)