Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old interview with Jon Foreman (circa "The Beautiful Letdown")

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"Mess of Me" was No. 2 on FUSE No. 1 Countdown Viewer's choice for the fourth week in a row! Vote to get Switchfoot to No. 1!

Thanks to our friend Caitylawn for the info.


Check these out! Here are a couple of videos (audio only) of a radio DJ interviewing Jon Foreman, back when "Dare You to Move" was becoming a popular hit. There are a few gems in these videos, including Jon talking about the first time Switchfoot heard their song on the radio. He also performs "Dare You to Move" and "Meant to Live" acoustically.

Switchfoot Interview Part 1- Dare You to Move

Part 2: Meant to Live.

Brings back such nostalgia for some reason...


A blogger reviewed "Hello Hurricane," and as is usually the case, it's glowing. Here's a portion:

The album's first single, "Mess Of Me," is a modern and alternative rock gem. It's rare that bands are able to make albums and release singles that stand up for many years, but as is proof with their previous hits, many music fans will be singing along to "Mess Of Me" for many years to come.

Read the rest here.

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