Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Your Love Is a Song" is the new single – in Australia!

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Sorry about the tease yesterday guys. I thought it'd be fun to stir up some angst and anticipation amongst you fine folks. If you think I'm horrible, let me know! :P I apologize sincerely… and I'm sure today's title doesn't help either!

NOTE: THIS IS NOT the next official single here in the United States.

But thanks to our friend David, we've found that "Your Love Is a Song" is a single Down Under. iTunes Australia has it available for individual download, as well as new cover art!

If you're from Australia and haven't picked up the song yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to grab it! It's also featured on the front page of iTunes Australia:

Also, there's even a Wikipedia article for it already.

^Article written by yours truly. :)


As for the official second single, that should be announced pretty soon. Stay tuned, friends. It's worth the wait!


NRT Today has a small article that puts Switchfoot's "Bullet Soul" in the same category as songs that categorize our generation. It's not a well-written article, but it's cool nonetheless:

However, after a long process of elimination through the 1,000-plus songs on my iPod, I think I've found three pretty good candidates.

First off is ‘Bullet Soul' by Switchfoot because it applies to our dreamer's spirit. ‘You're a kid with a bullet soul,' the song says. ‘“Are you ready to go?'



David said...

Hey Job, I was wondering how will this affect radio airplay in Australia?

Cos, im confused lol, as in will "Your Love is A Song' also become a radio single in Australia? Or will the U.S. Single be played in Australia instead or...

im just confused :S

i dunno how radio airplay works with different singles in different parts of the world, or maybe management knows....anyway please get back to me!

Job said...

I am still not quite sure. I'm thinking that it could be released to radio in Australia. I'll do some research!