Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Enter the 'Mess of Me' Roadie For A Day Contest!

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That's right, you can be our roadie for day. We are partnering with Macbeth and Journey's to bring you a very special contest where one lucky winner will win a trip to see Switchfoot play Journey's Backyard BBQ on May 8th in Sacramento.

The prize package:

*Two Airline Tickets and hotel accommodations the night of the show

*Meet/Greet With The Band

*Assist with Sound Check That Day

*Stand Side Stage during the show - walk Jon Foreman's guitar out to him on stage during the show.

*One $500 Gift Certificate to Journeys

*Signed Memorabilia

*A Pair of Switchfoot's Studio Project shoe

*a trip to see Switchfoot play at Journey's Backyard BBQ in Sacramento, CA on May 8th 2010.

For complete contest details, please click HERE

You can also get a live mix of "Mess of Me!" I just downloaded my copy, and it sounds really good; it was like a well-polished, live CD mix. Perhaps its a cut from the upcoming live CD we've been hearing about. That would be pretty awesome.


Dan said...

That's a really awesome promotion. *crosses fingers*

Job said...

I hope a lot of people hear and participate in this!

2nd said...

Oh my goodness—I'm so angry about this! Why are these contests never open to canadians? This has got to be the most amazing prize I have ever seen in my life!!! I think I want to have a dual citizenship right about now...

Good luck to all who can enter though!

Job said...

I'm so sorry! :( Perhaps there will be more chances someday.

2nd said...

I think I've runinto maybe two American-based contest that allow for canadians to enter. I'm hoping that sometime soon that will stop because it just about kills me when I see stuff like this and no I don't even have a small chance of winning because I can't enter in the first place :/

Job said...

@2nd, well, i've heard inside info that Warner Music is preparing for a stronger promotional push in Canada. So things might be looking on the up and up for you guys!

2nd said...

@Job I really hope that's true! If it doesn't happen soon I may have to move south :P

Job said...

that wouldn't be such a bad plan either. ;)