Friday, March 19, 2010

DOWNLOAD Switchfoot's Tonight Show Performance

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We have Switchfoot's performance on The Tonight Show the other night in pretty high quality for download now! Click HERE and enjoy.

Check out The Vault for more downloads.


Now for some miscellaneous news.

The band Meese blogged that they will be touring with Switchfoot for the upcoming string of shows. Check them out.


Also, LOBH reports that Switchfoot is going to collaborate with Malaysian band called The Poseidon Connection.

The Poseidon Connection is working on a collaboration with Switchfoot (!!!!) on a rock song !!! Yes, it's true and we'll keep everyone updated on the progress i.e. discussion, composing, recording, etc. It's gonna be awesome and absolutely amazing with the merge of musicality from 2 bands from 2 different regions of the world!!



Don't forget to keep voting for "Mess of Me" on FUSE. We were No. 2 again, and you've all been doing a great job keeping Switchfoot there. This is HUGE. Let's try to get to No. 1. Vote!

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