Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A review of one fan's experience at The Tonight Show; Happy Birthday Chad Butler!

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First off, happy birthday to our beloved drummer, Chad Butler!

"Any man who gets to hit things for a living is a happy man!" - Jon Foreman

We hope you continue to rock for years to come, Chad!


Well, we've got a review from our friend Jana about her experiences at the Tonight Show a couple days ago. Check it out:

First off, I am extremely grateful to FOTF for this opportunity to be able to go and to Job for letting me write this review. It all started when I decided to check Twitter the morning of March 17. I saw the tweet from friendsoffoot, the official FOTF twitter, that said, “L.A. FOTF! We have 4 spots to watch us on Leno tonight. must be at least 16. Email & 1st 2 emails will win.” Excitedly, I emailed them and then decided to go for a run as I thought that I would not win. I came back after my run and decided to check my email. That was then I saw the email stating that I had won the second pair of tickets. I ran and told my mom and soon after we were on our way to Burbank.

Upon our arrival at NBC studios (where the Tonight Show is taped), we went to pick up our tickets and then we all had to wait for them to let us into the studio. In the meantime, we hung out in the studio store. Eventually, they let us go into the back room and wait with everyone else that was attending the taping. As we were waiting in the back room and talking to the pages (think Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock) we saw Drew come in and talk to two people that we later found were his parents. Just then the pages led us on a walk over to studio 11, where the tonight show is taped. Upon our arrival, one of the pages directed us away from the larger group and after checking our tickets, let us go backstage and into a greenroom and waited to be escorted to our seats. The greenroom was insane! Catered sushi, a giant HDTV, the whole nine yards. We were in there about 5 minutes when the page then came and got my mom and I and escorted us to our seats on the upper level right in front of the stage that Switchfoot would play on.

once we were seated it was about 20 minutes and the show started. The Rock was funny and all, but the kid inventors stole the show. However, I couldn’t wait for Switchfoot to come on. Finally it came. The garage like door opened and band started to play, belting out “Mess of Me”. I wanted to stand up and start rocking out, but due to the fact that everyone else was sitting, I stayed put. The band was awesome- and Leno’s people did a great job of capturing the live energy that the band puts out. However, the song ended, we clapped and cheered, and the production crew had us all stay put while Leno and his guests( including the band) did some promo commercials. After that, the band started to pack up, but I waved to Drew and he waved back. We were then escorted out of studio 11 and walked back to where our car was parked, ending our Hollywood Switchfoot experience. All in all, it was a fabulous day that a)fed my Switchfoot addiction for the moment, b) proved once again how awesome Switchfoot is in person, and c showed how under-rated they really are, even if Leno was rocking out while they were playing.

^Jana, you're awesome. Thanks for this!


Here's a new video interview with Switchfoot:


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