Thursday, May 15, 2008

The "I" in Dare You to Move is back!

"I Dare You to Move" (the original Learning to Breathe/A Walk to Remember version that first saw huge public exposure in that movie) continues to climb the Top Songs overall chart on iTunes. It reached #34 today, and may even get a Billboard chart listing for Top Digital Songs or some other thing. Again, thank you David Cook! By the way, congrats to Mr. Cook too, who survived in the very final round, next week. Let's show our appreciation (and MAKE OUR PRESENCE FELT) by voting for him. Enough Switchfoot fams, and we can beat David Archeuleta ~chants~ "Beat Archeuleta! Beat Archeuleta" Sorry, Archie fans.... ;)


In other chart news, the "Prince Caspian Soundtrack" is holding steady at No. 13 on the iTunes overall Albums chart, while "This Is Home" continues its steady climb up the Christian AC radio charts. Switchfoot is returning to prominence. I can't wait to see what the sales numbers for the soundtrack are, next week. (also, as a side note, my sources tell me that the soundtrack is a hot item on the p2p bit torrent networks too. More and more people are hearing about Switchfoot and their music... even if through file-sharing methods)


"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 298 with 3 (+1 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 729 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 49 with 69 (+10 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 35 with 12 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week


"This Is Home" Promotion news

*Our youtube video (the official one... not the one of the millions of clones out there on youtube) should hit 90,000 views today, on its tenth day of existence. That's about 9,000 views a day. This is awesome! But our suggested goal was a rate of 10,000 a day. Lets keep viewing it and auto-refreshing. Just google it, and you should find the appropriate one for your browser. We can get 100,000 views by the end of this week! I know it!
*Have you sent your emails yet? Make sure you get to that, if you havent! We CAN do this, but we need ALL of your help!
*Don't forget to keep requesting the song on Radio Disney.
*Give the video a few wildcard votes on vh1 and jukebox requests on trl too!


new daily foot entries!

Asheville, North Carolina
New York, New York
Ocean City, New Jersey
Stamford, Connecticut

That's it for now. Please help out in the promotion effort footsoldiers. Yes, we have Hollywood Records behind us now, but the Switchfoot guys still need us just as much as ever! Lets do this! Make sure you go watch the new Narnia movie coming out tomorrow too and support the guys that way! Pay off the movie attendant to make everyone stay until the end of the credits if you have too! (Just kidding. DONT do that...)

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