Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The "This Is Home" Promotion HQ

Hello everyone! So I thought it’d be cool if we had a post devoted to promoting “This Is Home.” I guess this would serve as an hq for promoting the new single. We’ll be updating it as we go along, I suppose.

(Week 1)

1. Youtube

switchfoot.com has been updated and is now streaming the “official” video on youtube. Lets start sharing this around, like we did with the “Awakening” video! View it a million times, rate it every day, and comment the video. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx00kfqFvqg

As of now, the video already has ammassed over 52,673 hits in about five days.

2. VH1 Top 20 Countdown

Start wildcarding “This Is Home.” To be safe, let’s put at least two other artists in the grid also, to make it count, before submitting the vote. We can vote as many times as we want. Once the video is added to the countdown as a non-wild card, we can try another 100 4 SF like we did last summer for “Awakening” (lets just make sure its already IN the voting grid first, before we even go crazy voting… hehe)

3. Top 5 Live (Thanks Jeanna and Land of Broken Hearts)

Original Thread

(Week 2) [NEW!]

Ok, friends. This week, we're going to be attacking email inboxes everywhere.



Youtube generally has an editorial team that chooses which videos to feature on the main page, but they do take suggestions. If we have a significant number of us suggesting "This Is Home" (the video we've been watching), the views could blow up and the video would be exposed to an even wider audience base.


Email Fuse about adding the song to their database at this email addresss: info@fuse.tv

To plagarize from Phil, from last year's "Awakening" campaign,

(in the email to FUSE:)
+ either make it sound like you're wondering why the awesome new switchfoot video isn't on FUSE (or on their site), or sound like you're informing them about the video and requesting them to add it to their database. this will mix it up a bit - so not everyone is writing in with the same thing.
+ either way, provide a link to the video on YouTube, including the video title (band and song name, basically).
+ again, title well. i'll leave that to your discretion.

hehe. Thanks Phil. ;)

3. MTV TRL Jukebox


There is a link to a form for video requests. We can flood this with requests for "This Is Home." If we all requested at least once a day, we CAN get the video on MTV. Same thing happened with up-and-coming rock/pop band, All Time Low, and now they're getting major exposure.

4. VH1 Wildcard

Keep wildcarding!

5. Videostatic.com

This is a pretty huge website on the web about new music video releases, video shoot bookings, mtv/vh1/fuse/music choice/bet/cmt video adds, etc. They often do a short review or news item for new videos. Email them to suggest embedding and reviewing the new Switchfoot video. Include the link to the youtube video, and all other pertinent information, including label info (lowercase people records/Walt Disney) and the name of the director (Brandon Dickerson). Send emails here: videostatic@gmail.com

5. Anywhere Else!

If you know any popular video news sites, or music news sites, or anything, send them an email too about maybe posting a story about the song or video for "This Is Home"!

Lets get promoting, fams!

Post whatever else you find in the replies, and we'll add it to this list!

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