Friday, May 2, 2008

Concertblast Podcast Show Featuring Chad Butler From Switchfoot

Right click, and save as... this link to download the mp3 of the show.

Once you get past the show hosts talking about breakfast buffets, there are some insightful interviews with Mac Powell of Third Day, and our very own Chad Butler from Switchfoot. They've both got a ton of great things to say.

This was recorded at the kick-off show for the upcoming Music Builds Tour, which was back in April.

I love how EVERYONE thought Switchfoot should've been the final act. PWNAGE! Go Switchfoot!


Lauren said...

Thanks for posting that podcast - it was cool. And I agree - it was interesting how all the guys thought Switchfoot should be ending the show instead of Third Day. Don't get me wrong, I really like Third Day, and have seen them in concert before, but I just think that SF puts on a better show and gets the crowd into it more. Who knows, maybe things will change by the time the tour starts in Aug...

Job said...

I hope so. And there's the single "This Is Home," which could become HUGE on mainstream radio. That might cause a change as well. Third Day's show just cant live up to Switchfoot's, in my opinion