Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jon Foreman's Summer Preview is up! And Switchfoot's "This Is Home" is added to Yahoo Music

First off, sorry for the lack of updates. Many things are afoot for me, and I'm just now getting chance to chat with the rest of yallz. Anyways, there's many things "afoot" for switchfoot as well. (still can't get the wordplay right, I guess...)

First off, Podcast 33!

Jon Foreman's Summer EP is up for preview on

I'm really digging "Resurrect Me" so far. It's got the "Amateur Lovers" vibe to it. Really summery... if you're a cowboy. haha. Just kidding. I should really cut back on these lame jokes...


If you all remember, our friend Annie Reuter from yousingiwrite did an interview with Tim Foreman a while back. here's that interview again, in audio!



Here's a news story on JFH about the Leno performance, and some Andy Barron photos from there.


In "This Is Home" promotion news, the video has been added to Yahoo Music. Lets view it on there, and get it up the charts!



Paste Magazine did a short feature with Jon:

Read it here


And now, for your charts.

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 151 with 13 spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 240 with 6 spins this week
Christian AC: 40 with 122 spins this week.

More updates will come tomorrow morning.

One last thing: David Cook, who will forever be known to Switchfoot fams as the "guy who sang Dare You to Move on American Idol" won! Congratulations David Cook!

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