Friday, May 23, 2008

Jon Foreman on Grey's Anatomy; Switchfoot's Stars = Dream Big...?

First off, for yet another delayed update, I thought this little blurb about American Idol from MSNBC was pretty sweet:


Cook would have actually been better served by his Tuesday selection, "Dream Big." Emily Shackelton's original is a moderately sparky (if generic) country-pop number that has the unprecedented advantage of not being mind-numbingly dumb, but the word "stars" in the chorus seems to have inspired Cook to rearrange it as a Switchfoot knockoff. Making it sound like the quietly Christian band not only fit the singer, it suited the second verse's veiled religious references.

It did sound kind of Switchfootesque to me...


Also, if you didn't catch it yesterday, Jon Foreman's song "The Cure For Pain" was featured not once, but twice on the Grey's Anatomy Episode. You can watch them on youtube.

First appearance

(It comes in it at 8:32)

Second appearance

(First minute)

Thanks LOBH for finding it!


LOBH also put up a video one of their reader's found. It's a new interview with Jono. Check it out. It's the usual stuff, but still interesting.

Jon Foreman - Interview (SXSW)
Music Video Codes at Roxwel


"This Is Home" promotion news

-The official Switchfoot myspace page is autoplaying the Youtube video now! This will help boost the views quite a bit.

-Make sure you watch the "This Is Home" video on Yahoo to boost its views and possibly crack the top 100 videos chart on the site!


Here's the Friday CHARTS

"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 118 (+22) with 20 (+5) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 247 with 6 spins
Christian AC: 38 (+2) with 133 (+4) spins this week
Radio Disney: 31 with 18 spins this week

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