Thursday, May 1, 2008

Switchfoot is New-wave? Plus, "This Is Home" variations...?

Good morning!

So, thanks to some explorative message boardies (Jesse and Ai Lyn), we have found the previews for the Prince Caspian Soundtrack. But, the song by Switchfoot, "This Is Home," does not sound quite the same...

Disney Music

No drums? As opposed to the one we have been listening to for about two weeks now, the version on these previews does not feature a full drum set, but soft percussion stuff. Interesting.

My theory is that the one we've been hearing with the full arrangement is the one meant for radio and the music video, as it is definitely more upbeat and would fit more there. The soundtrack version fits better with-in the actual movie then, I suppose.

At any rate, we couldn't have been listening to the wrong song all this time, because the band has been playing it with drums this whole time. We'll see when the video premieres tomorrow then.


Here's a nice little blurb about Switchfoot. But calling them a "Christian band" is Strike 1 in my book. comparing them to Nickelback is Strike 3. Forget Strike 2. Oh well...

San Diego's Switchfoot made the rare transition from popular Christian band to platinum rock band with ease. Part of that has to do with the fact that the former surfers make the kind of noncombative rock that is in line with, say, The Foo Fighters or Nickelback. Post-grunge for sure, hints of emo and with the most recent "Oh! Gravity," traces of post-new wave.


Post-new wave, eh? Interesting...


WayFM recently interviewed bassist extraordinaire Tim Foreman. Check it out here. Thanks LOBH


And Mr. Andy Baroon posted a bran new Bro-Am Commercial for this year.

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