Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Switchfoot and Food Festivals

Switchfoot will be playing a food festival this Friday (May 9th) called "Taste Addison," in Addison, Texas. Gavin DeGraw, The Afters, and The Black Crowes will also be playing. ~gets Gavin DeGraw's "In Love With a Girl" stuck in head~

Taste Addison Website

Anyways, I thought it was rather funny that Switchfoot was playing at essentially a celebration of food.


Here's a short blurb from a news story about Switchfoot's show at the Roberts Wesleyan College:

Jon Foreman's (lead singer) punk roots are obvious in his passion for his music and general stage presence: playing guitar with his face, climbing on the drum set and lighting fixtures. His vocals and guitar are backed by his brother Tim Foreman on bass, Chad Butler on drums and percussion, Jerome Fontamillas on keyboard and guitar, and Drew Shirley on guitar. The longevity of the band is obvious in the tightness of their sound.

In addition to the rock was a ton of flashing lights, which were impressive considering the show was in a gymnasium.

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Gibson, which happens to be the supplier of Jon Foreman's electric-guitars-of-choice, posted a summary about his gig in Singapore earlier this year.

Switchfoot, a five-piece gospel-rock band originating from San Diego, California, recently played a one-night gig in Singapore at The Max Pavillion. As part of the band’s short whirlwind trip, they also played a short set at local tertiary institution, Temasek Junior College. Jon Foreman & his fellow merry-makers wowed the students with a solo intimate acoustic session on a Gibson SJ-300 guitar. The acoustic set was staged at Temasek Junior College.



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