Friday, May 16, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian unleashes today!

Go support this great film by watching it at the theater. Lets give it a HUGE opening weekend, and support "This Is Home" and our Switchfoot guys.

An interesting note about that however.

Some of the people on the official message boards reported that they watched the midnight premiere, and the song at the end of the credits indeed was NOT the "This Is Home" we've been hearing for the past few weeks. It certainly isn't the "radio edit" version that is the music video. But it isn't the more instrumental version on the actual Soundtrack CD either.

What is it?! According to Timmay!, he caught lines like "oh oh oh" in place of "Created for a place I've never known..." and there was no "This is home, now I'm finally where I belong..." on the chorus! Instead, there was something about "everybody's magic" or something. Weird. We'll have to see what that's all about.

At any rate, I've update the wikipedia page accordingly.
Oh, and someone found the cover artwork for the single!



*The Prince Caspian soundtrack has cracked the Top 10 on iTunes' overall Albums chart! It is No. 10 and, with the movie coming out this weekend, could get another spike in sales. If you haven't bought it yet, make sure you go pick it up at retailer near you, or download it from iTunes.

*"I Dare You to Move," still riding a wave of renewed popularity thanks to David Cook, reached No.31 early this morning. (David Cook still has my endorsement and vote on American Idol!)



"This Is Home"

Hot AC: 225 with 5 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 723 with 1 spin this week
Christian AC: 45 with 81 (+12 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney Format: 34 with 15 (+3 from yesterday) spins


"This Is Home" Promotion

Keep on viewing the video on youtube. Make sure you're viewing the right one, because a torrent of "clone" videos are showing up on Youtube. lets concentrate our efforts on the right one. Share it around!


Chris said...

yes the song is only used at the very end of the credits four about 1 min--and is a very modified version of the original song.

Anonymous said...

Also the live versions have different words....I think this is fairly interesting