Monday, May 26, 2008

Switchfoot - This Is Home: The 5/20 Campaign!

Hello everyone! Happy Memorial Day (from the States). So for the next few weeks, I thought it'd be great if we had some firm targeting for our Footsoldiers campaign, to help promote "This Is Home." here's what It'll look like:

The 5/20 campaign!

1. Watch “This Is Home” at least 5 Times a day

On three different places:

Yahoo Music
AOL Music

This way, we can add views on Youtube, and maybe crack the Top 100 on Yahoo music, and contribute views to the AOL video, as well!


2. Request “This Is Home” on MTV TRL Jukebox 5 times a day

There is a link to a form for video requests. We can flood this with requests for "This Is Home." If we all requested at least five times a day, we CAN get the video on MTV. Same thing happened with up-and-coming rock/pop band, All Time Low, and now they're getting major exposure. Lets make it a goal to request it at least five times a day.


3. VH1 Wildcard “This Is Home” at least 20 times a day

If we wildcard it at least 20 times a day, and if we have 10 people doing it, that’s 200 a day, and 1000 in five days. If we have 20, that’s 400 a day, and so on. This will take a little more commitment, but I know we can all do it!


4. Request “This Is Home” on Radio Disney at least five times a day here.

If we can crack the Top 30 Countdown on that station, tons of new, young fans will be introduced to Switchfoot!


So, who's in?!



Hot AC: 87 (+10 from yesterday) with 40 (+9 from yesterday) spins this week
Top 40 Mainstream: 225 (+20 from yesterday) with 7 (+1 from yesterday) spins this week
Christian AC: 38 with 136 (+6 from yesterday) spins this week
Radio Disney: 29 with 20 (+2 from yesterday) spins this week

Hot AC is starting to pick up "This Is Home". Exciting news. KUDD (Salt Lake City) and KRSK (Portland) are working the song into their playlists with increasing frequency. We'll have the request lines/web pages set up on This Is Home Promotion HQ shortly.

This is freakin' rad, isn't it?!


Katie said...

I'll do it as long as I remember. =]

Chris said...

i'm in! i'll do it for every day this week. lets do it!!

and yeah i heard it on the chi-town station again today! and that station has a great easy request page on their site--just google "Nine FM"

Job said...

@katie, you better remember! haha. just kiddin' ;)

@chris, that's cool. I dont think its a monitored station, but I'll add that to the list of request lines so far.

Chris said...

KRSK is a Chicago market station? With a K call name that seems impossible. What station is it?

Job said...

@Chris, oh my bad. Nevermind. Its a Portland station. crap. hahaa

Chris said...

i did all the 5/20 stuff yesterday...but think that i can more truthfully say that i can only keep up the 5X a day Radio Disney and a 10X a day wildcard on VH1

Job said...

@chris, that's totally fine. Thanks for contributing and putting in the time, though! We need all the help we can get!