Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breaking News: Jon Foreman - "Limbs and Branches" and Switchfoot Compilation Albums to be released in October

Thanks to anthemworship on the official message boards for alerting us to this fact.

The new Jon Foreman record coming out in October is going to be called "Limbs and Branches (EP Compilation)." It is set for an Ocotber 28, 2008 release on Sparrow Records/EMI CMG, and (most likely) lowercase people records. It is good to note also, that Jon mentioned to LOBH reporters that it will be a full-length album, with two NEW songs, in addition to the "best-of-the-bunch" compilation.

Also, a Switchfoot "Greatest Hits" release is set for release on that same date, also on Sparrow Records.

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Wow. This is somewhat unexpected. Jon's EP's are still freshly released, and already Sparrow is wanting to put out a compilation CD of pretty much hand-picked selections from already-released material???

Also, what's the need for a Switchfoot "Greatest Hits" release? Makes absolutely no sense, considering Switchfoot has already said they are not leaving Sparrow, nor are they on the verge of breaking up or going on "indefinite hiatus."

I hate to bag on Sparrow or EMICMG, because they ARE a great label and have served Switchfoot very well... but doesn't this seem like a rather obvious money-grabbing move? Discuss!


jesse said...


Job said...

It kinda makes me sorta mad... not really, but sorta... I mean, COME ON!!!

Andrew said...

I don't get it either, BUT... sportscenter is using a song in it's "titletown" segment at the end of it, i don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but i just wanted to put it out there.

Chris said...

i love switchfoot...but they are on the way down. Bands on the way down always come out with a GH CD before they lose too many more fans. P.O.D. and Radiohead both did the same thing very recently.

Job said...

See, but the thing is, Radiohead is on the way UP. And that was only because EMI owned every single pre-In Rainbows song by Radiohead, so they just needed the money.

Same thing in POD's case. Atlantic wanted to milk POD only because they left that label.

Switchfoot (at least in Sparrow's case) are still at the top of or near the top of Christian radio. So Sparrow has absolutely NO REASON to release something like this. Sure they haven't had a mainstream hit in years, but the same cannot be said for their Christian singles.

Joe said...

I don't see what the big deal is. Switchfoot just left Columbia Records. They are now independent, of course you all know this. I believe Sparrow is just trying to remind the mainstream that Switchfoot still exists. With a greatest hits, it just means even more exposure for Switchfoot. I do however, agree about the Jon Foreman release. That's just trying to cash in. As for the greatest hits, Sparrow is showing that this is a new era for Switchfoot. They're moving on. I think it symbolizes a new era in Switchfoot's career.

Job said...

I guess you're right about the Sparrow thing. I mean, it still doesn't make sense cuz Switchfoot's "era" in CCM hasn't changed. They haven't changed Christian labels or anything. They just left their mainstream label.

I guess though, since Sparrow is just a distributor, they also in a way put out Sony-approved material too... so I guess that could work too. It just seems strange, is all.

And I don't know how mainstream Sparrow can make this greatest hits record. Are they gonna be able to cop mainstream attention for this type of thing? Hopefully, if "This Is Home" gets huge, it could possibly happen then.

Amy said...

Honestly - I am glad that Jon is putting out this album. I seem to be more apathetic on the switchfoot album, but would love them to come out with a completely new album very soon.
But for me, it was really disappointing once all 4 seasons had been released. I think he has been daring enough to say what a lot of Christians will not say. There has long been a need in the Christian environment for a talented acoustic singer, and Jon has completely delivered.
Music used to be associated with the church. Now they are completely seperate entities. Jon, with his four EP's, has re-associated them.