Friday, July 4, 2008

Switchfoot - This Is Home hits's Top Downloads!

Happy 4th of July to all my American compatriots!

Yes, the footsoldiers have hit once again! "This Is Home" was the 3rd most downloaded video on last week. This is a big deal, because it will be featured on the website for the entire month of July. This should net pretty good exposure amongst the videopimp scene, which seems to consist of more of the FUSE TV/Alternative Rock crowd. Sweetness.


Also, The Northwestern did an interview with Drew Shirley:

WEEKEND: When bands like Switchfoot say faith influences their material, sometimes people want to file them just in the Christian music category. How have you managed to escape the label?

Drew Shirley: It’s really a privilege to not be labeled. A lot of critics want to label you, and that closes doors. We want to keep the conversation open, would like people to have an open mind when they’re listening to us, not immediately thinking we’re going to be and do something. Let us be ourselves, be the band we are. We kind of call ourselves “music for thinking people” - anybody that will listen and jump into these songs, drive around in them with us.

WEEKEND: Can you give us a little preview of what we can expect from the material off the new album?

Drew Shirley: Yeah. Here, I’ll play you something. (muffled noise, followed by rock-infused tune blaring from speakers) There you go! (laughs) There’s your preview. We’ve got our studio we built here in San Diego, so we’ve got a place to record, our own building where we don’t have rent a studio from anyone else. It’s - we’re just filled with a sense of freedom not being on a record label now, to be able to put out music whenever we want, however we want.

Gotta love Drew. I can so picture him playing guitar for the interviewer... lol

For more from the ever-awesome Drew, go here to read the rest of the article.

Remember to keep voting for Switchfoot on Radio Disney and Vh1! We're trying to crack the Top 10 on Radio Disney! I believe we can do this!

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