Thursday, July 17, 2008

Switchfoot's "Greatest Hits" CD to be titled "The Best Yet" reported some additional information on Switchfoot's upcoming Greatest Hits compilation CD:

A little more info has been uncovered regarding Switchfoot's greatest hits album releasing on October 28th. The title will be The Best Yet and it is releasing from Sparrow Records. That means that Switchfoot is probably not going to have anything to do with it unfortunately.

Thanks Emily for finding that!


Andy Barron posted a new daily foot about Switchfoot's travels in the Muskegon area. (better known as the Webcam Show)... hehe.

Muskegon, Michigan


Remember to turn in your requests for the "This Is Home" single this week! The more, the merrier! Click here for more info.

Oh, and don't forget about Radio Disney either!


Katie said...

The Best Yet? Ew, how much more unorginal can you get?

Katie said...
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