Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jon Foreman Opens Wide His Arms; Switchfoot CD Singles

Not much news so far this week. Apologies for lack of updates, because, quite frankly, there isn't much to update. haha.

There are a few things of note, however.

First off, if you go to ebay, you will find many useful things... including rare Switchfoot CD singles! That's right. Have a look at these:

This Is Home (already sold)

Love Is the Movemen...? (complete with four different mixes of the song!) I'd say that's a pretty good deal.


And, here's a great article about Jon Foreman in the toledo blade.

Foreman, 30, who has been known to play solo sets for hours in the parking lot after Switchfoot concerts, said the EPs were something he just had to do.

“You’ve got more songs in you and you just have to get them out,” the 30-year-old rocker said.

He paid for and produced the projects himself, and feels confident they won’t interfere with his band’s career.

“I feel that this has allowed me to face the next Switchfoot project with my arms open wider,” he said. “I’m in a band with these other guys who all have great ideas, and I need to be able to loosen the reins. This has been a chance for me to get that out of my system.”

Read the rest here!

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