Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Switchfoot Studio WebCam... is UP AND OPERATIONAL!

Look what I found...


Could this be the brand new webcam the guys will be broadcasting from? That would be pretty cool to see real "live" action, rather than just the screen cap-style webcam, circa 2006. I'll miss that one for sure, but this could be cool!

EDIT: (11:18 AM) The webcam is up and operational! The guys are sitting at what looks like the control table right now!!


"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" hit UK and most of Europe over the weekend, and blogs are buzzing about not only the movie, but Switchfoot's song, "This Is Home"




Mr. Andy Barron update the daily foot! Gotta love this picture

Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania (No, Drew does not live there! haha)

Tarrytown, New York


Here's a story that CMspin posted about Jon Foreman's ep's, citing several online blogger/critic magazine sites, and has some quotage from Jon Foreman.

The EPs are a return to a renewed emphasis on Foreman’s remarkably and consistently perceptive lyrics, as well as the types of soundscapes which best frame his impassioned vocals.” – PopMatters

“Jon Foreman in the last couple of years has mastered the skill of being brutally honest in the lyrics he sings, yet never letting the poetic element suffer.” – The Album Project (in a 5 out of 5 review)

"It appears he's gone out on his own, into nature, into a stark, jutting precipice, to think about life, heaven and the pursuit of happiness - him and his guitar. The product is earthly introspection compacted into 4 album EPs." – RCRD LBL, April 2008

“…Foreman uses relatively obscure scripture as the source for meaningful, sometimes worshipful songs. By the same turn, Foreman changes up familiar passages (such as Psalm 23 and the Lord's Prayer) into something fresh and new sounding. It goes to show that oft-used source material can become revitalized in the hands of a master songwriter like Foreman…” – ChristianMusicToday.com

“What’s great about Jon Foreman is his originality of ideas, and the way he takes conceptual music styles and makes them tangible.” – Aced Magazine

“If there's something we've come to expect from EP to EP from Jon Foreman, it's that each one will include introspective criticism, a poetic look at love and loss, and an artistic view of spirituality, God, or the church.” – JesusFreakHideout.com

“Switchfoot lead vocalist/guitarist has channeled his inner Vivaldi to take the power of four to a new level by recording a quartet of six-song EPs...” – San Diego Citybeat

“Jon Foreman is a superlative songwriter. Lyrically, these EPs impress over and over.” – BlogCritics Magazine

“The seasonal artistic responses of Jon Foreman absolutely come alive on the final two of four entries, Spring and Summer…Foreman displays brilliant sonic works of art for those willing to enter into his solo gallery.” – Soul-Audio.com

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer each serve as a chapter of Foreman’s stripped down, intimate and direct vision. It is one that begins with a foray into death and decay, but eventually transforms into reflections on growth and rebirth. All four discs were produced by Foreman with Grammy-nominated Charlie Peacock serving as the executive producer. Notably, the song “The Cure For Pain,” from Fall, was used in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Some people write songs to get famous or gain respect, but Foreman writes songs to understand himself. “I write questioning songs,” he says. “I’m interested in reading philosophy and trying to figure things out. The melodies come to me quite easily so it’s the poets, philosophers and psalmists that help me put the melodies where they belong. The songs assist me in the challenge of knowing who I am, so the shoulders of great writers are a good place to start.”
Encouraged by the other Switchfoot members to release his solo EPs, one thing that Jon is certain of is that the solo records won’t distract from the band. “I really feel that the next Switchfoot album will be our defining record,” he says excitedly. “The EPs have been incredibly liberating. I paid for everything, I wrote everything and I produced everything. There is nothing I could do that could be more personal and over which I could have more control.

“I feel that this has allowed me to face the next Switchfoot project with my arms open wider. I’m in a band with these other guys who all have great ideas, and I need to be able to loosen the reins. This has been a chance for me to get that out of my system. It’s been a real rebirth to be able to have both sides come out into the light.”

Read the rest here


HearitFirst posted a video in which Jon and Jerome Fontamillas talk about Switchfoot's involvement with Habitat For Humanity once again for this fall's Music Builds Tour.


keep voting for Switchfoot on Radio Disney and Vh1! We need to give them all the help we can get!

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