Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Switchfoot Studio Webcam Aftermath

Ok everyone. As you all know, the Switchfoot studio webcam is up and better than ever. Featuring live VIDEO streaming (still no audio), it is even better than back in 2006! For those of you poor souls (including myself occasionally) who will be missing parts, if not all, of the webcam this summer, we've formed two new place dedicated to the 2008 Switchfoot webcam!

~~drum roll pleasee...~~~

Tada! First, introducing The Switchfoot Webcam Blog!

There's nothing much in the way of design there yet, but we've got detailed stories already from Jacqui and Chelchie, two of our team members. If you would like to join in and offer up your amazing blogging skills to this, email us at

Help will be grandly appreciated!

Secondly, dontcloseyoureyez on the official message boards made a Switchfoot Webcam photobucket account for us all to dump our photos in.

Here's what's been seen so far! And feel free to participate, and if you screen cap anything amazing, dump into the bucket!

For password and login details, go here


In other news, our friends at LOBH continue ceaselessly to out-do themselves.

First off, they have a new interview with Jeff Stone, one of the key editors for our past two favorite Switchfoot music videos, "Awakening" and "This Is Home."

LOBH: Was there any cool footage in the videos that got cut out? What do you do with the extra footage?
Jeff: There was PLENTY of amazing footage that was cut out of "Awakening". Tony Hale and Adam Campbell are such great actors---they were basically given the green light to do what they wanted---and we ended up with too much. The video was really about deciding what was the best of the best, not just what was usable. All that extra footage exists somewhere on a hard drive...possibly to never be seen again. For "Home" we had a similar amount of outtakes, most of which was hard to cut out.

LOBH: How long did it take you to edit Awakening? How long did it take you to edit This Is Home?
Jeff: Awakening was originally a 4 day edit, we ended up going almost two weeks. Our cut was done in 5 days, then we had to begin the process of creating the game footage. We cut the footage in the computer, printed every frame on multiple printers and then had too many guys cutting, organizing and manipulating those cut outs. Photos were taken and we then cut that footage into the video and composited it onto the TVs. Phew. Home was around 7 days. Much more manageable and straightforward. We working with Disney and the Narnia people, so part of what we were dealing with was the availability of footage from the film. More than once we had to replace shots we really wanted to use.

Read the FULL INTERVIEW here! You won't want to miss it!

LOBH also has a scan of Switchfoot in none other than Alternative Press Magazine!

Switchfoot promoting bad posture?! YES! More power to them!

All of this makes me think Land of Broken Hearts should publish a magazine... hmm...?


Also, Jon Foreman talked to crossrhythms UK about his solo ep's.

Mike: So doesn't that mean that as a songwriter you haven't really got a hope of communicating anything. It sounds very wonderfully post-modern, Jon, everybody getting from a song whatever they can.

Jon: Everyone's going to take something that doesn't belong from a song. I think the idea of conversation is an incredible concept. You can actually converse with people through a medium like song. You say your point of view and then of course, no matter whether you like it or not, they're going to have the other side. For me it's been an amazing journey to see people taking different things from the songs, applying it to their own lives.

Tony: I would consider you an artist and a serious artist but don't you think it ironic that much of pop and rock music is shallow and banal yet whenever an artist tries to bring a more thoughtful and creative dynamic to his or her music critics are lining up to call it overblown or pretentious or things like that?

Jon: Yeh. I think that is a tendency right now. The easiest thing to do is throw a rock. It's a lot harder to create a stained glass window. I used to get upset at the people who threw rocks but now I'd rather spend my time building the stained glass windows.

Mike: There is a song, "Baptise My Mind", which reminds me very much of Sufjan Steven's albums. In fact, Sufjan is playing on it.

Jon: I definitely wanted to give him a nod on 'Spring' because I find his music very sprightly. It was also incredible to get a chance to work with a friend of mine named Karl Denson who's in a band called the Greyboy Allstars, kind of a legendary band around San Diego. So he played this incredible flute solo half way through. It was a really fun thing to be able to work with him.

Read the full interview here

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