Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Switchfoot Podcast 35 and iTunes Request Week

"'nuff said"

Go to your itunes and refresh your podcasts!


Ok. So we've been campaigning very hard for "This Is Home." However, it is only getting significant airplay on Radio Disney and a few other Hot AC stations. A big basis that radio stations look at now for songs to add to their playlists is what is selling well on iTunes.

We also know that iTunes has "This Is Home" as an album-only, meaning that in order for people to get the song, they need to buy the whole "Prince Caspian" soundtrack. Unfortunately, many people have been turned off by this, and many potential NEW Switchfoot fans are left looking to limewire or bittorrents to get the song for free.

The time for us to make an impact is now! iTunes does have a request page to request for songs to add to the music store. It is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you select "Request a Song" under the "Request Type" drop-down menu.

Go there now, and put in a request for the "This Is Home" single. For continuity, here's what you should put in:

Song: This Is Home (Radio Version)
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: This Is Home - Single
Year: 2008
Record Label: lowercase people records/Walt Disney Records

If we get enough requests in, it might cause iTunes to really look into it! We need you all to spread this news to as many people as possible... it only takes less than a minute!

Lets do it footsoldiers! And remember to keep on requesting "This Is Home" on Radio Disney!

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