Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check out the DrewCast!

Mr. Andrew Shirley is a great guitarist, as we all know, but did you know that this man is quite the comedian as well? Whenever Drew enters the camera's field of vision, the awesomeness that ensues has reached Chuck Norrisean proportions. Nay, I'm sure Drew Shirley surpasses the great Chuck Norris in some areas. THAT, my friends, is a big statement.

So, we have found that Drew has his own "web show" now, titled "The Drewcast," uploading videos to his very own Youtube Account. Check them out here or there. (Thanks again to LOBH for finding this!)

To celebrate the discovery of these here videos, we have posted all of them for your viewing pleasure:

Did you know Drew could Moonwalk?

MJ tribute in the airport

Kantucky finding the bucks

Put my camera through the tsa line


Intro to rockin roller coast to coastour

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We've also got some new videos up on the official Switchfoot Youtube channel.

The Intro to rockin roller coast to coastour and the rollercoaster video were also uploaded here, but there is also another video (from Jon Foreman's iphone we're guessing) that was taken at last night's show in Virginia here:

Hello Virginia!!


Here is another video of "Needle and Haystack Life" played two nights ago in Ohio. The audio is a little better, but there's people talking in the background. Oh well.

And "This Is Home" from the same night:


Some Twitter posts from Switchfoot over the past few days:

July 10, 2009

- I almost forgot how good those strawberry shortcake icecream bars are. Time for a few rollercoasters, then rock. Roll&rock, if you will.-t

- Driving the scooby van. What's it called, the mystery machine?

- check check one two one two

(btw, look! I know it's kinda small, but oh well)

- 5 am: Early morning check-in at Richmond airport. Jon is way too happy. -tf

- Hmmm, try that photo again?

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