Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Album Release details - "Hello Hurricane" moved to early November

From Tim Foreman, posted on the Official Switchfoot Message Boards:

Hola amigos,

It's been so great to be playing these new songs live every night, and seeing so many of you during and after the shows. As most of you already know, our new album is finished and coming out this fall. To say that we are excited about this album would be an understatement. Never have we pushed ourselves so hard, spent so much time, energy, and yes, even money, on making an album before. This album has been well over 2 years in the making, and 80+ songs later, it has finally come to fruition.

This was our first record made as an independent band since "the beautiful letdown." During the recording process of both of these albums, we allowed ourselves all of the creative freedom that independence allows. Only unlike TBL, we also had no time constraints. This allowed for a very prolific season for us. At times, the lack of constraints became the most challenging part of the process, trying to not get lost in the forest. The encouragement that you've given over the years meant more to us during this season than ever before. We are so proud to be a part of your lives, so proud to be a part of this family.

It has indeed been a journey, and in the same way that these songs are important to us, so is the way that they are released and distributed. As a currently independent band, we are exploring the many options available to us to get these songs out there, looking for the best partner to give these songs a large platform that is respectful to the people that listen to our music. I promise that as soon as we have made that decision, you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, we've made several changes to the pre-sale (beginning in August) worth noting:

1. release date: yes, I know we are always over optimistic. it's part of our nature. and as our first major lowercase people project, we're still learning. but we've all waited far too long for this album to screw it up by rushing the release date. as much as it saddens me to wait a few more weeks, it will be worth the wait to do things right. The new release date is now most-likely early Nov. We'll let you know very soon when we have an actual date locked in place.

2. the best yet - switchfoot live in nashville (DVD): We've decided to take this off of the pre-sale package for 2 reasons. first, we're not sure that it will be finished in time. second, it makes the pre-sale cost too expensive for those of you who just want the CD without the live DVD. so after giving it all some more thought, we'll be selling the DVD separately when it is finished (it's turning out really good btw!). In the meantime, it allows us to pre-sell the record for cheaper, which is always cool, and we'll still be able to give you all the cool exclusive download content as an instant download when you pre-buy the record.

That's the latest, we'll keep you posted on here and via twitter as soon as the rest of the pieces fall into place. This is a really exciting time for us, thanks you for believing that this is possible, and sharing this journey with us.



Mi470 said...

Hey, Job. R u as mad as I am? I sat in shock for 2 minutes and felt a heavy thump in my heart. on the bright side, i have a reasonably sized album art 2 hang in my room.

Job said...

I was just a little bummed about it. But yeah, that huge album art is an absolute BEAUTY to look at. :)