Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sonshine at Wilmar (Videos)

Here are some videos from Sonshine that have emerged on the interweb.

Mess of Me

Dare You to Move

^This one is sounding really really fresh. I'm liking what the Switchfoot boys are doing with it. The intro, with the drums and full-instrumentation is a blast from the past, but Jon's vocalizations take this to the next level. So good.


And here are some highlights from the Switchfoot Twitter feed yesterday and this morning. (Editorial note: we are going to be posting highlights from now on, not every single little post. You can go visit it yourself for all the goodies! :) )

July 15, 2009

@switchfoot Hey foot, how do you guys get the laundry done when you're on the road. Curious. (via @BillyWrightLive) hmm, good question! -t

RT:there were days while fighting cancer that @switchfoot song "dare u 2 move" was the only thing that kept me fighting.-@stevedrees

July 16, 2009

so long minnesota, thanks for a great evening

Here's a video clip from last night's show, enjoy... Jon

^This video, you will want to check out. It features the intro to the studio version of "Hello Hurricane." And yes, the mandolin IS in the studio cut of this track. Muy excited.



If you haven't checked out the latest FootColumn, please head on over and let me know your thoughts on how the single "Mess of Me" will perform. THANKS! :)

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