Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Mess of Me" to be the next Switchfoot single?

Rumor has it that at last night's show in Virginia, Jon Foreman himself said that "as far as I'm concerned," the first, lead single off of "Hello Hurricane" is going to be ~DRUM ROLL~ "Mess of Me!" (thanks to Clifton for the tip)

I think it's a solid single to lead an album off. It's not the best choice in my opinion, as the lyrical content is a tiny bit on the cheesy side, but the song does rock pretty hard. Normally, good indie labels/bands reserve their better songs for follow-up singles anyways. In this case, I'm hoping "Needle and Haystack Life" gets a chance, if "Mess of Me" has any kind of solid impact.

That being said, "Mess of Me" is different from any single Switchfoot has ever released before. It's the fastest-paced single yet, and sounds taylor-made for a run at Modern Rock radio, with potential for cross-over to at least Hot AC. I'm pretty sure a Top 40 campaign is a bit out of reach, and at this point, ANY radio support for Switchfoot is going to be tough to come by.

But, WHO KNOWS? hehe.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you like this? Do you hate it? Wish "Hello Hurricane" was the first choice? Discuss!!


Davey said...

To tell you the truth, I would have preffered "Hello Hurricane" (the song) to be the lead single off the album. But, mess of me, could also do well. I like all of Switchfoot's songs, including the new one, I just think mess of me could maybe do better as a single in the future, not as a lead. But im sure Switchfoot knows what they're doing, I hope its a success !

Cell'o'ist said...

Anti-drug anthem song here we come.


I actually really like it. Its a smart choice. I could see it catching on and becoming at least semi-big.

Anonymous said...

who can spell hello flop

Job said...

In terms of commercial sales or artistry?