Friday, July 3, 2009

Watch Switchfoot practice "Bullet Soul" at SFWHQ

Btw, I think SFWHQ is the acronym for the name of Switchfoot's fabled recording studio. So does it mean Switchfoot W Headquarters? What do you think?

Anyways, just posted a video of Switchfoot rehearsing for their upcoming tour, playing the song "Bullet Soul." We learn that the awesome riffing during the interlude of this song comes courtesy of Mr. Jon Foreman instead Mr. Drew Shirley, as was previously alleged. Nice. Either way, here it is:

Switchfoot "Bullet Soul" from jackerofonasis on Vimeo.

For those who can't view it, go here

Here are some photos from that session. Clickage


Switchfoot tweeted about their busy day today:

Twitter July 3, 2009

- Woke up early, 5:45 am. Wierd. Checked surf: small. Coffee, then shooting some live performances of the new tunes at our studio. -tf

- Ended up surfing anyways w/ jon and Chad, found some fun waves. Now headed to the studio feeling much better! -tf

- drew is having fun with his new phone at romey's expense. sorry romey. luv, @andybarron

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hmm... more in-studio performances? I like!



Switchfoot posted a new video to their Youtube account (looks like its from the " sessions" not today's):

^I'd say Romey is a pretty classy drummer, eh?


david bechtel said...

i'd say chad looks pretty pissed

Job said...

haha. yes, he was ready slit that throat.

Lance said...

Switchfoot World HeadQuarters?