Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Making Tour Day 1 Recap

Well, the Crazy Making Tour has kicked off, in Denver, CO last night. According to LOBH, the setlist was:

The Sound
Oh! Gravity
Gone/Crazy in Love
On Fire
Dirty Second Hands
Dare You to Move
Mess of Me
Meant to Live

That is surprisingly small for a supposedly co-headlining set. Eight songs. I'd have to say though that is the smallest headlining set the guys have played in recent memory. I could be wrong. The song selection was great though.

I think "The Sound" is going to end up being a GREAT opening song, and could very well replace "Stars" and "Oh! Gravity." as show-openers for years to come.

Of all the songs, they made great choices on which songs to play. These are all arguably Switchfoot's best live numbers; so good to see "Dirty Second Hands" stayed on the setlist.

Here's the new Daily Foot video recapping the evening:


Here are some videos:

First, its the new daily foot video for the show last Saturday in Iowa.

Goodbye Iowa, Hello Hurricane (July 26th Daily Foot Video)

Second, here's the latest Drew Cast episode!

And, an acoustic performance of "Hello Hurricane" from the aftershow last Sunday

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