Monday, July 13, 2009

Switchfoot "Hello Hurricane" purchasing plans posted; new "The Best Yet Live in Nasville" DVD

Switchfoot has once again come completely out of the blue and blown what was going to be a slow news day here to absolute pieces. We've got confirmations, new surprises, and other goodies in store here. So, here goes: has been updated with purchasing plans for the new "Hello Hurricane" record, as well as other things outlined below.

1. Switchfoot apparently has had a new live DVD in the works, that they have kept top secret from us all this time.

It's going to be called "The Best Yet Live in Nashville" and will be included with all pre-orders of "Hello Hurricane," which can be pre-ordered starting in August. The title makes me wonder whether this is a Sony-funded effort, or if it's an independent effort on their part. I am hoping it is the second lowercase people records-released live DVD!

2. "Mess of Me" has been confirmed as the lead single of the album

So, as we reported last Saturday, it has been confirmed that "Mess of Me" is going to lead "Hello Hurricane." I do wonder if an iTunes single release is going to happen, or if Switchfoot is going to stay as far away from that as possible. Of course, the album will HAVE to show up there, but they might stay away from singles appearing on there.

I am also curious as to whether they plan on taking this single to the traditional outlets like radio, tv, etc. or whether they plan on sticking with Youtube and online promotions (a la "Awakening")

Well, we shall keep you updated. LOBH did have an exclusive message from Andy Barron about the DVD that would be included in the Deluxe CD/DVD or Collector Editions:

good question.

all new making of record stuff, live in studio stuff, pretty much stuff that you won't want to live without because it's so awesome.


^I'm convinced. ;)


Now, it's pretty hard to live up to all that news, but these live concert videos from across the interweb are pretty good.

Here's footage of the Cymbal Basing from "Dirty Second Hands" at Kingsfest

Here's the best-quality video of "Needle and Haystack Life" yet, taken at Kingsfest as well.


Check out Switchfoot and Jon Foreman on, where they post several exclusives!


Tweets from over the weekend:

July 11, 2009

- going to the beach for some small kine waves

- Early mornin' flights...

- here's a shot of the sky from the plane this morning... straight from my cameraphone- no FX!

July 12, 2009

- Just re-read my last tweet, sounded much more cutting than I meant it! Anyways, on a positive note, went surfing this AM, sun is shining! -t

- "@switchfoot u guys shoulda sang "meant to live" at kingsfest" (via @charliehall03) you should have stuck around, we encored with that.

- want some info on how you'll be getting your hello hurricane this october? has some info for ya. -ab


And to leave you with even more awesome, here are the two latest videos from The Drewcast. If you haven't subscribed on youtube yet, GET ON IT!

KFC... Before

+ tacos...after

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