Thursday, August 13, 2009

First mini-review for "Hello Hurricane"

This comes courtesy of JFH:

Early Thoughts...

It's been nearly three years since San Diego rock band Switchfoot have released a brand new studio album. Since the release of the mixed bag that was Oh! Gravity, the guys have been set free from their Columbia Records partnership and have built their own studio with which to record their latest venture, the 12-song effort, Hello Hurricane. With a return to indie status, Switchfoot gets back to their roots in the process, but not without giving their signature sound a fresh treatment. Gone are the hooky radio friendly tracks that were fashioned for releases like The Beautiful Letdown and Nothing Is Sound, as the band stays true to themselves in making songs that sound good and say something of substance (Remember their more subtle debut The Legend Of Chin?). In the process, the sound is kept clean but raw and the guitars cranked to a delicious crunch for tracks like "Mess Of Me," "This Is The Sound," and "Bullet Soul." Those who have been especially feeling the spiritual elements of frontman Jon Foreman's solo ventures will find a lot to love about songs like "Free," which begs our Savior for freedom from ourselves, and the piano-driven "Always," which serves as a genuine worship song. And while Hello Hurricane may not be the band's best project in their 12 year catalog of music, it's shaping up to be a highlight of their already impressive career. Longtime faithful followers of the band since before their mainstream success will especially want to grab this one.

^"may not be the band's best project." We'll see about that one. "Nothing Is Sound" will be hard to beat, but judging by what we've already heard, this isn't going to be just another Switchfoot record. It's going to be special.

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