Monday, August 3, 2009

New Jon Foreman song, "Fake Your Own Death"

From Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose on August 1, thanks to Ibanezrg120gtr.

^and the Jon Foreman obsession with his new little friend continues. haha. See August 1 tweet:

- My new best friend has worn out her welcome?! What?! C'mon fellas!?!


Ibanezrg120gtr also has a video of "The Sound" from that San Jose show. Jon is using two mics during it. Epic. What isn't quite so epic is the shortening of the song, probably due to the fact that Switchfoot's set is squeezed into 45 minutes. But they still rock it pretty hard:

And, a video of a song called "Aint No Drug"(??) Oh, Jon... haha.


Mi470 said...

Try to think. Tomorrow is release day for mess of me and always. Do you think preorders start tomorrow? I bet they do. Can't wait! Hey, Job. Can you put an instant free download link on this site? I don't have iTunes.

Job said...

There is some doubt that the singles will be released tomorrow, especially because the album has been pushed back again. however, I can let you all know as soon as it happens!