Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Switchfoot's single "Mess of Me" Debuts at RADIO? Pre-orders details and stuffs

Here is what I randomly stumbled upon on Twitter:

JadeKing: @switchfoot, 99X in ATL just played "Mess of Me" and they called it "Alive".. Is that what it's going to be called? BTW it sounded great!

^"Mess of Me" is already in the hands of some radio stations? 99X is a Modern Rock/Alternative format station.

This is interesting news, and comes almost an entire month before the impact date. Perhaps Atlantic is already making an effort to woo the key rock stations around the country. I remember hearing (although I'm not entirely certain how true it is), that KROQ, arguably the most influential rock station in the country, had "Mess of Me" under their upcoming releases list. I am not certain. However, early, early plays for a single are always a good sign. We shall see.


Also, here are details about the pre-orders, which obviously have been delayed again, indefinitely:

Switchfoot Twitter:

Hey all, finalizing details for preorders- gonna B up within a week. So amped to get these songs into yours hands! Thanks for your patience

^We'll keep you all posted 'til then!


Anonymous said...

Debuts ON radio. And the plural of stuff is stuff.

Job said...

Thanks for the advice. However I would like to point out that typical industry jargon has it as debuts "at" radio. And actually, if you've ever done anything in the food industry, you would be familiar with the term "foodstuffs." that being said, my use of the word "stuffs" is meant purely in jest.

But thanks for pointing these out.

Bleah Briann said...

HAHA, thats a funny arguement people. But I do see where job is coming from, I talk like that all the time on my blog. LOL I'm sorry but thats funny. No offense to anyone involved of course.