Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Mess of Me" radio date pushed back once again?

Before we get to today's updates, I'd like to make a brief shout-out to our new staff writer, TJ, who will be helping us out with updates and so forth. I'll give him a chance to introduce himself personally when he makes his debut on the blog, but he sure didn't hesitate before making a mark.

TJ alerted us that FMQB has reported that "Mess of Me's" long-anticipated radio debut has been delayed once more, this time to September 28-29, 2009.

NOTE: This likely does not affect the fact that we will be getting a copy of the single as an instant download with pre-orders. Stay tuned for more details.


According to LOBH, Jon Foreman says that "Fake Your Own Death" may make it onto "Vice Verses," the album after "Hello Hurricane." That would be something. I'm beginning to think "Vice Verses" is going to be a more introspective record than "Hello Hurricane." But judging that by two song possibilities is stretching things a bit, I do admit.


The Daily Foot has been updated with stories from tour. The Videos we've all already seen, but head on over there anyways, to read up on what's been going on on the Blue October Crazy Making tour.

Interesting Note from the Los Angeles Daily Foot entry:

the day started out with jon and tim cruising up the freeways to a producer's house and working just a touch more on a couple versions of the new songs.

Remember when Jon Foreman tweeted that he was working on the pre-chorus of "Mess of Me?" Well, yes. It's confirmed that they are re-touching a couple of their songs, as we previously speculated.

Should be exciting.


And lastly, Indievision Music has a new mini-review of "Hello Hurricane":


Anthemic rock which you might say resembles U2, Muse, or even The Fray in the somber melody department. Hopeful and inspiring lyrical output to rival any of today’s top “Christian” bands. I haven’t really listened to this band much since “The Beautiful Letdown” but I was pleasantly surprised with this new album so much so that I have decided to write this news post about them. What am I talking about? Well I am discussing the new album “Hello Hurricane” by one of today’s leading rock acts out of San Diego, CA……Switchfoot. If you’re looking for that special something to lighten the mood around the holidays this fall, look no further than Switchfoot’s newest release “Hello Hurricane”. Powerful, moving, and utterly fantastic. I may or may not officially review this, I haven’t decided yet. I still have a bit of writer’s block so I may hand this off to a reviewer who really enjoys the upbeat mood of Switchfoot. Let me tell you, some of these songs kick butt in a anthemic and aggressive manner. November 10th couldn’t come soon enough and I know all of you faithful readers are in for a real treat when “Hello Hurricane” drops. Don’t forget that date….November 10th!! Don’t expect a return to the past for this is a band dead set on progression and leading the charge towards a new future. You can find influences from all their albums but this is an entirely new set of tunes created to reach listener at their core. Get ready for the new (and improved) sound of Switchfoot. November 10th!!!!!!! Don’t forget.

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