Thursday, August 20, 2009

Switchfoot sets pre-sale and radio release date!

Via Twitter:

switchfoot Presale for our new album Hello Hurricane begins Aug 26! First single Mess of Me hits radio Sept 21. Album release date Nov 10.


Also, confirms that Switchfoot is going to radio on that day, on the Modern Rock/Alternative format. Excellent.


Mi470 said...

Wait! I'm confused! I know that all of this will happen, but does this mean we have to wait till september to hear "mess of me"? I thought we got an instant download.

David, said...

Yea...I thought we get the download instantly as soon as we pre-order. Job, some help please :) ??

Job said...

Hey guys, I believe the instant download will still be available to us when we pre-order. We'll have to wait and see.

The Radio Date is merely when the single gets sent out to radio stations for public consumption. But we faithful fans who go and grab the pre-order are given a bonus treat: the single early. Hope that helps! :)

Jordan Dorsett said...

im confused...its september 2 and i still cant pre-order! am i missing something?