Monday, August 31, 2009

99x ATL Mess of Me

Okay I live in Atlanta, and one of the big Rock stations here is doing a promo on Switchfoot. They've been promoting it online, and you can listen to it on xposure (a certain period on the station where they play new songs.) Rumor has it that they've played the song a few times. So

1. Check it out

2. Call in and promote the single as it may be getting some early airplay :D


Switchfoot Live X passes

Switchfoot is back with a new label and a new sound. You can hear their new track "Mess of Me" now in Xposure, and prepare to be surprised. Starting Monday August 31, listen in to Lewis, Kinard, and Megan for your passes to check out their Live X performance on Wednesday, September 9 here at the 99X Studios. You can also qualify online to win passes to the Live X right now, just email us now at with "SWITCHFOOT" in the header

UPDATE: I know LOBH says the same thing, but I promise, I saw it here first. trust me, I live in ATL :P

Thanks! - TJ


Bleah Briann said...

Wow, cool.
So you live in ATL? If you don't mind me asking... do you have an accent? =P

Bleah Briann said...
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