Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Switchfoot things happening today in San Diego

Andy Barron tweeted today saying that he is:

sending the proofs of the new @switchfoot deluxe record back to the printers. pretty exciting. http://twitpic.com/crgob

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Next, Corey Vidal, Switchfoot's Youtube manager, is also down in San Diego for the next few days and "is on my way to @switchfoot's recording studio to jam and shoot some YouTube videos. Rock on!" (via Twitter)

^Looks like the Switchfoot boys are making the most of this break between Crazy Making Tour stops to get some things done. Tomorrow, the tour resumes at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. Word on the street is something big is happening at that show, but we'll see, I suppose.


Stay tuned for the latest FootColumn, probably coming later on today. It will feature some thoughts on the release date being pushed back, as well as the whole lead singles saga.

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