Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Switchfoot talks about new album: Hello Hurricane

Be sure to check out the latest FootColumn about the Atlantic signing and what it could mean for Switchfoot.


TheJeremyConspiracy talked to Switchfoot after a recent show and asked each member what their favorite song was. It's interesting to hear what they said. Also, Jon Foreman talks about the independence of their band. Here's the video:


Oh, here's a couple of new Drewcast videos. Drew is a BEAST in the gym... ;)


And now, here are some videos from a couple of recent shows the Switchfoot boys played:

"The Sound" Rock the Desert

"Mess of Me" Rock the Desert

"This Is Home" Rock the Desert

"Meant to Live" El Paso


Lastly, a shameless plug. hehe... here's a cover video I did for "Yet."


Nicole said...

That's a really good cover! I like it a lot. Great song too.

Job said...

thanks nicole!

pam b from sc said...

Hi Job,
Just wanted you to know I love "Yet" and you certainly did it justice! Any Switchfoot/Jon Foreman song is usually hard to sing but you knocked it out the ballpark, dude! Made my day :)