Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chart Wednesday: "The Sound" makes it's move!

We're Awakening would like to wish to the incredible Mr. John M. Perkins a wonderful 80th birthday. He is a truly inspirational character, and is forever immortalized in a song by Switchfoot that we all know and love today called "The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)." Let justice roll down... Love is the final fight.


Hey everyone, it's time for Chart Wednesday! Sorry it's a bit late, but we've got some great news on the radio front this week.

"The Sound" has experienced an absolute revival on Modern Rock, catapulting from 31-25, re-entering the Top 30. It's also the third in most increased plays on the format!

And now that the music video is released, we can hope to expect even more success in the weeks ahead! "The Sound" has also reached an all-time high on Christian Rock, vaulting from 7-3 on the format. Things are looking good.

In further Christian music news, "Your Love Is a Song" has entered the Top 20 on Christian CHR, jumping from 27-19, as well as going 36-33 on the national Christian Songs chart!

A successful week, I'd say! Be sure to join the YouTube campaign for "The Sound!"


Alyson said...

Woo-hoo! I emailed the link to the last post you did to all my friends & family! (hope you don't mind) I hope this song does well!

Job said...

By all means, please share it! Thanks Alyson~! :)